We would advising using Google DNS servers rather than you ISP ;)

Enter Goggle DNS address  /

Method 1

1. Download Digitatstb from amazon appstore

2. Open app , on remote press menu button (3dots 3 lins)

3. Click on settings

4. Click on profiles

5. Press down once then ok on remote

6. Click on profile name and delete the name on there replace it with IPTV ,then press ok

7. If using to Digitalstb go to configuration , take note of MAC address and send it to us.

8. Press back button, go to Portal

9. Click on Portal URL and type in Portal address we supply

10. Press back button twice you will see profile you named IPTV

11. Press back twice more taking you back to screen you started with

12. Press menu on remote (3 dots 3 lines)

13. Go to Watch tv and select IPTV then channels will load

Method 2 (If you can not find the above in your area).

1. Install downloader from below tutorial

https://youtu.be/Gxn0nHylWSo  or  https://tvservice.club/forums/topic/45-how-to-install-iptv-smarters-pro-on-fire-tv-and-fire-stick/

2. Now download Smarters Pro or DigitalSTB from below address in downloader or use this tutorial https://youtu.be/6elHPYjPS3k

Smarter pro - https://apkpure.com/iptv-smarters/com.nst.iptvsmarters

Digitalstb - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.digitalstb&hl=en_GB  (we need your mac).

3.Then enter your username and password for smarters pro and for digtalstb send us your mac and enter portal address as given in email, all done.