Method 1

install the free IPTV app from the MS Store caleld MYIPTV

Method 2

first need to install Kodi to do this goto this tutorial below;

Then you now need to install the below;

step 1:Open kodi and click on the cog icon in top left corner
step 2:Chose file manager
step 3:Chose add source
step 4:Chose “NONE” then type save it and name it Beezkneez
step 5:Exit back to the kodi home screen and chose addons.
Step 6: Then click on the open box top left.
step 7: Then chose install from zip file
step 8:Chose Beezkneez then chose It will now download and install th addon
step 9:Exit back to the kodi home screen and click on the streamkings addon to open and log in with your iptv username and password

All Done.